Voice-Tribune - 21C Hotel Shoot

Monday was my fastest shoot from brainstorming the shoot to delivering the final images. I got a call that morning to shoot a feature the same day and have all the final images delivered before the final deadline Tuesday morning. The concept for our shoot was fun stuff to do around Louisville that was either inexpensive or free. Of course some of the cheapest and most fun things to do have to do with our awesome parks or the Big Four Bridge, however, the sky decided to open up and poor all day. After scrambling around thinking of something we decided on a shoot at 21C Hotel's museum of modern art. I made some more calls and finally found a couple I'm friends with who were free and willing to be photographed last minute for the cover. After a few more calls we got permission last minute to shoot at 5 that day. Here are a couple of my favorite images. 

Gear Used:

  • Nikon D600
  • Nikon 35mm & 50mm
  • Phottix Indra500 & Odin II
  • Photek 47in Softlighter v2
  • Capture One (RAW Processing)
  • Photoshop