Subaru WRX STI

Here are the final photos I took of my buddy's Subaru WRX STI. First off this car is an amazing machine. Just hearing this thing race down the highway is incredible. We wanted to make a short video and a set of photos that looked like they belonged in a car magazine or could be used for promotion from Subaru. 

*Disclaimer: I was not paid by Subaru for these photos, this was just a test shoot*

This first shot was the biggest composite and took the longest. This was shot on top of a parking garage rooftop late on a Sunday night. Security was nice enough to let us setup a "commercial" shoot in there garage. I wanted to highlight the front of the car closest to the camera. I took a couple base images with different exposures and settled for a slightly darker exposure. Then used a Phottix Indra 500 through a 7-foot softbox to highlight each part of the hood, bumper, wheel and side. I composited the photos in photoshop then applied a color grade. 

I did the same composite method for this one. This was shot in the parking garage. This wasn't my favorite of the two composite photos, but it still turned out pretty cool.

This last one was shot on our second run of shooting on the new bridge. Check out the video below to see the first run!