Staying Productive and Not Busy

I think one of my biggest issues with myself is finding a balance between work, college, my wife, friends, family, church, life, etc. I'm graduating from college in May, so that will free up some critical time during my weeks. My main issue is finding time to be productive, but scheduled time for work so I don't get overwhelmed. When I have a huge list of photos that need to be edited, emails to be sent, people to call, blogs to write, and videos to make, I get overwhelmed and try to take on everything at once. 

I love being busy, I feel like I get things done better that way. At the same time, though, I get stressed and flustered. I feel like when that happens all the things I am working on don't get done as best as they could be done. I've decided once I graduate college and have a free schedule I need to prioritize my time and hunker down.

Here is an idea of what I would want for my ideal schedule. Basically, this was I have a set time to get as much work done as possible and have time to take a break and relax, read, clean, or whatever. This way I have 6 hours of work, fit in two workouts, and still have free time in the eveneing!