Rebranded for Your Viewing Pleasure

I've always kinda just been indifferent with my website design and branding. If you've been on my website a few months ago you would've seen a typical white site with some random galleries and a generic logo that was just my name. A few people who I met with to critic my work and more specifically my website design suggested I needed a logo to set myself apart. I needed something that was simple and rememberable that would easily be recognized on set or in blogs or videos. I'm not a fan of watermarks so you most likely won't see it on there. My friend Zach Jenkins (owner of Fifth Made and Spartan Case), did some work for trade with me to do a brand overhaul. 

I told him I wanted to subtly stand out with a different site than my peers and competition. Most photographers have a white site, and for good reason, it looks great and is east to read. I wanted to look different. Zach suggested a striking black design with a clean and modern font that would become standard across all my business assets and deliverables. 

It's a simple design but perfect to my brand and me. The design Zach made has become a standard across my business cards, invoices, website, and soon to be stickers to brand all my gear.