Liz Richter - Creative Space

Liz Richter along with her best friend Bri Bowers, and local artists Michelle Montgomery, and Zara Goldbrg just finished this beautiful mural down in the Nulu District of Louisville on the corner of Market and Clay St. Louisville Visual Arts (LVA) coordinated the project for the new implementation of Google Fiber into the city. The project is being sponsored by Google Fiber. 

Liz Richter, photographed by Ryan Noltemeyer for Creative Space

"The mural is all Kentucky wildflowers that grow in this region. Each one was chosen not just for the shapes but with symbolic meanings as well. Woven throughout the mural are the themes of independent business and free thinking. Mint represents hospitality, Goldenrod is the state flower and represents good fortune. It is also a nod to Thomas Edison, who experimented with goldenrod (his historic home in Louisville is only blocks away). The blue at the bottom (bluegrass) represents connectivity and is Google Fiber blue. The largest plant is milkweed, which I chose as a symbol for Nulu. Milkweed is the host plant for the monarch butterfly. All milkweeds are perennials, meaning they survive for more than two years. They can grow in harsh conditions and have far-reaching impact through the scattered seeds. Technically a weed, their beauty is strange and exotic. A few more plants: Black-eyed Susan's represent encouragement/motivation;  the purple coneflower represents strength. The wildflower design was partially inspired by the lyrics to Tom Petty's song, You Belong Among the Wildflowers/You Belong Somewhere You Feel Free. Ironically I was listening to it while painting my proposal the night before he died (I had no idea)! So it's kind of become my tribute to him as well" - Liz Richter

Liz Richter, photographed by Ryan Noltemeyer for Creative Space

Myself and other creatives are very excited about Google Fiber bringing faster and more affordable internet speeds to the city. After hearing about this project for Google Fiber and seeing some images on Liz's Instagram page I knew I wanted to include her in my project. With the vibrant colors of her mural as a backdrop, we did a couple portraits of her and then several "in-action" shots as she put some final touches and lettering on the piece. Below are all the photos in a slideshow, please enjoy and see all of Liz's work here:

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