I Miss my MacBook Pro

If you read my blog several months back, I talked about jumping on an opportunity to jump ship and make a switch to Windows. Both my Macbook and my wife's laptop died in the same week. Apple's newest addition to their lineup was something I wasn't ready to deal with. I didn't want to only have USB-C ports and didn't want to spend $3,300 on a laptop (that was with the upgraded video card and 1TB of SSD). Instead I bought two computers that on paper were about the same as the MacBook Pro. I got a Dell XPS 15 (special edition with upgraded video card) and the base model Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Both computers are great don't get me wrong. I am currently writing this on my Surface Pro. This thing is fast and speedy. 

Pros of Windows

  • Cheaper
  • Ability to upgrade internal hardware
  • Potentially faster than Mac if you are willing to upgrade internals

Cons of Windows

  • Buggy and crashes more than my Mac
  • Doesn't integrate nearly as well with my iPhone as Macs
  • Higher Rish of Virus
    Cheaply made hardware

Now, I know what a lot of people will think, "Ryan you can just stream line Windows to be more simple and straightforward, but the fact is that I could but it would still not be as smooth as a Mac. There is a higher risk of viruses and malware and a higher risk of my computer crashing during a project. Which has happen twice in the three months I've owned my new system. This only have maybe once in the 5 years I had a Mac. 

You get what you pay for

I live by this phrase, but when I bought my windows computers I was not thinking like this. I didn't have a lot of money at the time and needed two computers. I should have purchased two refurbished Macs and called it a day. I wanted a computer I could take with me wherever and use for general computing and a computer to stay at home and be a dedicated editing and business computer. But sometimes I hate that in order to edit photos or video I have to go home to my desk to work. I loved the flexibility I had when I used my Mac. It was powerful enough to do most editing I wanted it to on the go. I attempted editing photos on my Surface Pro and it was a disaster. Same with video. I am a strong believer in you get what you pay for and I got what I paid for. 

Buggy Software

Don't even get me started with how buggy Adobe products are on Windows as compared to Macs. I never ran into as many problems as I have with Adobe on Mac as I have on Windows. I know Adobe has lots of issues with their products but I've never had as manly problems as I have no with Windows. 

I know initially when the new mac was announced with only USB-C ports, I jumped on the bandwagon of everyone hating on Apple for taking away all their ports. It really isn't a big deal. The new ports are twice as fast as USB 3.0 and with the purchase of one adapter/dock I could have all the old ports.

So I guess what I'm saying is I really love Apple and their products. Their computers speed, reliability, and integration across all their products were something that made life easier and simpler. I'm going to keep continuing to use my current setup. When the time is right in my budget I will most likely be selling my desktop setup and purchasing a 15 Macbook Pro. I just really miss having a portable setup that would allow me to edit wherever and especially miss that wonderful Apple OSX.

Apple, I'm sorry. Please take me back!