How to Color Grade With Capture One Pro

Up until about 6 months ago my preferred method of editing was with Lightroom and photoshop. I had always kind of heard about Capture One Pro and heard that it was faster and better in terms of skin tones, but I never really tried it out for myself. 

When I started photographing more tethered to a computer I longed for a faster interface than Lightroom. Capture One was that answer. And Capture One offers so much more than just a faster tethering solution. It has more powerful color correction tools and a better highlight/shadow recovery that Lightroom (In my opinion). 

I'm not endorsed by Capture One or the people at Phase One in any way (wish I was), but I just like the software so much. It's less buggy than lightroom and is all around a better editing solution. Check out this video below about how to color grade a portrait in Capture One using curves, exposure, and their color balance tool. 

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