Goodbye Apple

I recently starting photographing for a new editorial client. My first shoot with them was a fashion shoot for a local boutique. The shoot went great everyone was happy with the images. They sent me three smaller assignments two on Tuesday and one more on Thursday. I also had a test shoot scheduled on Tuesday morning to photograph a local Crossfit gym. My test shoot went well, got some really awesome images and a short video. I had time to swing back home and dump the RAW files on my MacBook Pro. I then left to the next shoot. I got everything setup, opened my computer to shoot tethered, and quickly realized it was taking a little longer to boot my computer than normal. 

I've had this laptop for 4 years now. It is a 2012 Macbook Pro. I bought it right before the retina macs were announced *roll-eyes*. When it turn on the only thing on the screen was a blinking folder with a question mark. I did a quick search on my phone and apparently this happens if the computer for some reason can't find the hard drive. The solution was to just do a repair hard drive function from the disk utility menu. I figured I will just deal with it later and shot the shoot the old fashioned way, to a super fast, super high capacity SD card. We wrapped the last shoot for the day around 4. I headed back home and tried to repair my mac. I had high hopes when the disk utility popped up. Then I realized my hard drive was not listed. After some more research apparently my hard drive has bit the dust. Along with all my files. I have backups on backups on backups with an overall cloud backup so I wasn't too worried, just super annoyed. Especially considering that all the photos were due my Thursday night. 

After a little panic attack, I fought the holiday traffic and rushed to Best Buy. I was not planning on upgrading my computer hardware until next year, but nothing ever goes according to plan. First instinct was the Apple section. The flashy new, super thin, super "intuitive," laptop looked super nice. I already new about the annoying USB issue (Apple, come on, really? Why? That's not pushing the industry, it's just annoying), and the not so great hardware "upgrades". The model I was looking at for my needs was the 15in, 512GB model for a whopping $2,799. After about 5 minutes using the Mac I decided I'm done. The keyboard sucks, the internal components are years old, there is no port besides the USB-C port. No SD card, no firewire, no Magsafe, no regular USB port. I would even be able to charge my iPhone without having an additional adapter. In order to basically use the laptop I would have to buy about another $100-200 worth of dongles and adapters.

After a few moments of "I can't switch to windows, it's outdated and slow" I started to consider the option of switching. The new Dell XPS 15 with a beautiful 4K screen looked incredible. The Dell XPS 15 was super nice, I loved the screen and speed. It was pricey but not as pricey as the MacBook Pro at $2,199. After even more thinking and pacing around the store I found the desktop version of the XPS with a better graphics card for only $999. I started thinking. I could get the XPS desktop, any monitor I wanted, and something like a Surface Pro for the same price as the Macbook Pro or the Dell XPS laptop. I walked out of Best Buy with two computer for a little under the price of one Macbook Pro. My main dilemma was I needed a powerful computer for editing photos and video that was portable to bring to a shoot to shoot tethered to. Now I have a powerful desktop that can be easily upgraded with newer tech and a Surface Pro 4 that I can run Capture One Pro to shoot tethered to on jobs. 

In one day I went from an apple fan boy to completely ditching Macs for a windows machine. I got all my files switched over (thank you Backblaze for continually backing up my work) and finished all the edits by Thursday. Apple really makes amazing things, I love my iPhone and iPad. They really push the industry and come up with intuitive ways to better the technology world. With this latest laptop from Apple I just couldn't continue to support them. They removed everything that a professional needs to do their work. I can't live without an SD card slot, or a normal USB port. I do miss having iMessage but I can get over that. I am very happy with my switch to windows and I don't see myself going back anytime soon.