A Push For More Personal Work

Since the beginning of my photography career, my work has only been for clients. I rarely do work for myself. Now, I have done a few personal shoot. My car series I did was a personal project. The other day I was looking at my body of work and felt like there was something missing. Something that had heart and soul and emotion and meaning. Photography is an art. I've treated it like a business. 

Now, before you start thinking, oh Ryan, "Your suppose to be running a business," "this is your job, just do your work." Well, the issue with that is if I continued down a path of only shooting when I was paid then my art would suffer. Not just my art, but my paid client work would hurt too. The whole reason a photographer will get hired is not because they can shoot the needed photo, but they can shoot the photos that their clients didn't know they also wanted. 

I think when I first started my biggest passion in photography was photographing people and landscapes. I love the connecting power of portrait photography and the beauty of the world shown through photography. 

Monday evening close to sunset, the weather was clearing after a storm and I took it as a chance to capture some photographs at a local park here in Louisville, Ky. I wanted to capture a field of tall grass and a single isolated tree or small group of trees. Remember a similar scene from driving by the park I drove out there and took a short hike to my shoot location. 

This was the first image I captured. I waited until the sun had just dipped behind the horizon. This is what is known as twilight or the blue hour. The beautiful warmth of the grass and tone of the sky was a little moodier that I first imagined, but I love the final results of these images.

This next one was my favorite, I like how the sky is dark and moody and think there is just a simple beauty with this image. It's no award winning image but I love it! It is a little washed out and unsaturated looking but that's what I was going for. This image is also for sale as a 16x20 print, please click here for more info

This final image was taken as I was walking back to my car of a small tree line, I wanted something with lots of sky and lots of drama. Black-and-white photography in general is a favorite of mine.