Food Photography is the Best!

I don't get to photograph food nearly as much as I would like. This shoot was for The Voice-Tribune's feature about some of the awesome restaurants around Derby City (that's Louisville long-standing nickname thanks to the Kentucky Derby). My assignment was to photograph the 502 Bar & Bistro's signature dish, Pan-Seared Diver Scallops with Heart of Palm Salad and Yuzu Crème Fraiche, along with Executive Chef Ming Pu. 

For this shoot, I photographed the entire shoot with all natural light coming in first through a window, then through a diffuser to create a nice natural polished look to both the food shots and the portrait.

Gear Used:

Food photography is something I rarely do, so that's why it's not included in my portfolio, however, it is one of my favorites! Not for the art form, just because I am a nut about good food. Moving to the Highlands neighborhood was probably influenced mostly by Louisville's food scene. There are some of my wife and I's favorite Bardstown Road restaurants right around the corner from our apartment. We also are close enough to Nulu, Germantown, and Clifton/Cresent Hill to enjoy some of the best food in our city. 

Here is a list of some of my favorite places to eat in Louisville!

Highlands Neighborhood:

  • Louvino - Italian Small Plates and Wine Bar
  • Stout Burgers and Beer - between 5 PM and 6PM, all food is half off!
  • Holy Grale/Gralehaus - Amazing burgers and brunch (brunch is at Gralehaus)
  • Game - amazing burgers with exotic meats 
  • Highland Morning - Delicious breakfast at reasonable prices
  • Ramsi's On the World Cafe - International food from all over the world


  • Feast/Royals - Both owned by HiCotton, both amazing!
  • Mayan Cafe - authentic Mayan food in the heart of Louisville
  • Harvest - amazing farm to table restaurant featuring local farmers
  • Rye - amazing American food and cocktails


  • Hammerheads - The sister restaurant to Game
  • Four Pegs - Super underrated burgers and Chicken-And-Waffles. It's amazing! GO!
  • Eiderdown - European Inspired Southern Comfort Food
  • The Post - New York style pizza only a neighborhood away

Clifton/Cresent Hill:

  • Varanese - Mediterranean and New American. They have an awesome Jazz band!
  • Volare - Amazing Italian. I've had the pleasure of photographing here!
  • Blue Dog Bakery - Go try their Egg Pizza, it's not what you think. Also best bread in the State
  • Irish Rover - Cozy Irish restaurant in an old converted house turned Irish pub
  • El Mundo - some of the best Mexican Food in town!
  • The Grape Leaf - awesome Middle-East food on a budget!