Making a HUGE move across the country

Emily and I are now settling down here in Oakland, CA. After a week of travel, we are relieved to be adjusting to our new home. The drive out here was so beautiful. The first major stop was the Badlands in South Dakota. What a place. It was basically a desert when we got there. During the summers the park gets up to around 95–105 degrees and in the winter can get as low as 15–10 degrees. We watched the sunset over the crazy rock formations and then spent the night at our insect infested campground. 

The next morning we drove another 10 hours to the border of Wyoming and Idaho to another little park called the Grand Tetons/Yellowstone. Without a doubt, these are some of the most beautiful parts of our country I have ever seen, rolling hills all the way up to a quaint valley where the city of Jackson is located dominated by views of the Grand Tetons. A few minutes north and you’ll be at the southern gates of Yellowstone National Park. 

We were not able to do a whole lot that week besides a few national parks. We had to be in Oakland in time for Emily’s first day of work. The highlight was definitely The Grand Tetons. There was so much to do, one would have to spend an entire week there exploring. We decided to go horseback riding on a hike through the hills and around a section of Jackson Lake. The views were just to die for. We started the trail down a winding valley, slowly making our way uphill to the grand view of the Teton Valley below.


We spent the next day with Emily’s Aunt in Idaho and then made our way to Reno for the night. We could have driven all the way to the bay but decided to take it easy and layout by the pool instead. Driving into California was so surreal. It still doesn’t feel real yet to say that we live here. 

We are still settling down, looking for an apartment. I’m job hunting and re-establizing my freelancing here in the Bay Area. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this time of transition.

Kentucky Craftsman - Ben Aroh

Known for his wooden state key holders, Ben Aroh's love for his craft is shown through his meticulous skill and design. Check out his website here: I love doing personal shoots like this as there is no stress to get a certain image just room for creativity and experimenting. We photographed in the warm cozy woodshop owned by Ben's uncle. Most of these images were shot with a mix of natural light and gelled (CTO) strobe light.

Gear nerds:

Quiet Foggy Morning

It's not every day that we get blanketed with fog here in Louisville. This morning, with camera in hand, I went out and walked around downtown and the waterfront looking for some photos to make. Unfortunately being a cold Sunday at 7 am there were not very many people out and about. For the majority of these, I focused on simplicity in the city to capture the mood of our sleeping little city.

All these were either captured with a Canon 5D Mark III and Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART or my iPhone.

Bridal Fashion at the Speed Art Museum

Every year our local lifestyle magazine The Voice-Tribune creates a bridal fashion editorial for the newest trends in the wedding world. The article can be found here: is all the final images used in the publication. I was fortunate to photograph this years editorial at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Ky.

Photo by Louisville, Ky and San Francisco, CA Portrait Photographer Ryan Noltemeyer

The Speed Art Museum is one of Louisville's art museums with a variety of exhibits and several rotating modern art exhibits. The general feel and vibe of the shoot was moody and painterly. The idea was to create a set of images that kinda mimicked the old century paintings. To achieve a sort of painterly look, I stuck to one main key light and either a fill light with a reflector or another strobe. In post processing these images I added some cool blues into the shadows and warmth into the mid-tones to create a separation of subject and background with color. 

Photo by Louisville, Ky and San Francisco, CA Portrait Photographer Ryan Noltemeyer

All the dresses we shot we all elegant and beautiful. We had two models, a hair/makeup team, a stylist, and art director to help while on set. I also had my friend Mike Vance (, he's a killer commercial director) help out with lighting and shooting some BTS video. 

Photo by Louisville, Ky and San Francisco, CA Portrait Photographer Ryan Noltemeyer
Photo by Louisville, Ky and San Francisco, CA Portrait Photographer


First Shoot of 2018

Just finished up editing my first shoot of 2018. This is another fashion shoot for a friend of mine. We set out to make a few images of three different outfits. The weather was not the best but overcast days usually provide the most flattering light! 

We shot in one of the arts district of Louisville, Nulu. 

Portrait of George Shadburne. Photo by Ryan Noltemeyer
Portrait of George Shadburne. Photo by Ryan Noltemeyer
Portrait of George Shadburne. Photo taken by Ryan Noltemeyer

All these images were shot on a Canon 5D Mark III and Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens. Color grading was done in Capture One Pro. Below is a gallery of my top picks.