Parking Garage Portraits

I connected with Murphy on social media and asked him if he would want to do some interesting portraits in a parking garage. This test shoot was just a "wing it" shoot, I didn't have a shot list list, we just walked around and looked for interesting elements within our given space. The only plan was to us the harsh midday sunlight and shadows. Everything was shot with natural light. It's always refreshing not lugging around a bunch of lights. Since we were shooting in a relatively busy garage, on a hot day, without any help I opted for no additive lights. 

I tried using shadows as much as possible. With harsh midday sun it can be a little tricky to work well. 

Here is a slideshow of all the images we took.

The Springtime Carnivore

If you didn't know, my wife and I are living in Los Angeles for the next few weeks. While I was here I thought it would be great to expand my creative space project out to the west coast. My first contact was Greta Morgan (aka The Springtime Carnivore). I discovered her after scouring the internet for unique music acts in and around LA. I loved the music Greta was putting out so I reached out to her about being in my Creative Space project. She agreed and we setup a date for me to come and get some environmental style photographs in here Studio.

Greta Morgan (AKA the Springtime Carnivore). Photo by Ryan Noltemeyer

The setup was super basic. One camera, one lens, one light. All was tethered into Capture One Pro with Tether Tools cables. The gear used was:

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All the images were processed and color graded in Capture One Pro, using a combination of their new preset styles and my own creative edit adjustments. 

Greta Morgan (AKA the Springtime Carnivore). Photo by Ryan Noltemeyer
Greta Morgan (AKA the Springtime Carnivore). Photo by Ryan Noltemeyer
Greta Morgan (AKA the Springtime Carnivore). Photo by Ryan Noltemeyer

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Here is a slideshow gallery of all the final photos from this shoot:

Going West

My wife is a travel Occupational Therapist (OT), she just graduated and unfortunately has no work experience outside of clinicals and fieldwork for school. After months of looking for an entry level job in a city that has the biggest OT school, we decided that we would take out three months and take a temporary job in California. After some confusion on the location and the needs of the healthcare facilities, they settled us in beautiful Los Angeles in the Hollywood neighborhood. 

I made a photo series and short video of the trip and to be honest, this series isn't nearly complete. This only shows a little bit of the Rocky Mountains, Arches National Park, San Francisco, and Yosemite National Park. This is merely a glimpse at our beautiful country. If you can do it I would encourage anyone and everyone to go on a cross-country road trip. Pack your car, bring your friends and see our nation, it's transformative. I've never experienced such beauty in the world and I only saw the smallest portion of our country and even smaller of the world.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the sites we saw on the way and the beauty of the American landscape. Below is a short video of the highlights along the way, and below that are all the photos I took.

Bluegrass Fairway - Featured Etsy Store

Bluegrass Fairway has been a client of mine since almost the beginning of both of our businesses. I shoot a lot of their product photos and promos. Matt the owner started his Louisville-based business on Etsy and relies heavily on social media and word-of-mouth to spread his products. Matt makes awesome handmade golf accessories. He has everything from head covers, to scorecard holders, and now branded wallets. A few weeks ago Etsy contacted Matt about being a featured shop on their blog. These are some of the images that went along with their post. Etsy's story can be found here. Bluesgrass Fairway's website can be found here.

Photographing My First CELEBRITY Portrait

May is kind of a big month in Louisville. We host this big race called the Kentucky Derby. We have a ton of famous faces and important people come to town for a huge two-week party that leads up to our city's biggest celebration, a two-minute horse race. It's a day for great spring fashion, lots of bourbon, and some really awesome events. A few weeks before the city hosted a huge fashion show for the derby and the celebrity judge was "Say Yes to the Dress" host Monte Durham. See the behind the scenes here:

Shot on Sony A7II with Sony 55mm f/1.8 and lite with a Phottix Indra500 Strobe

I've never photographed a national celebrity, I've photographed a couple well-known locals but no one nationally recognized. I was a little nervous but Monte was one of the most approachable and friendly faces I've photographed. All these images were shot for Tops Louisville magazine. Read the article here: Derby Recap.

Shot on Sony A7II with Sony 55mm f/1.8 and lite with a Phottix Indra500 Strobe